ATOM 2019 - science is definitely for you


Science and technology affects every part of your life - from the way you live to the choices you make, involving health, work, family - and the world in which you live. But many of us feel science "isn't for me".


From the 16th to 27th March 2019 the ATOM Festival wants to show you that science is definitely for you. ATOM takes place in Abingdon, one of the UK's 'Science Capitals' sitting at the heart of British Science between Culham, Harwell and Oxford. We have a passion - and a mission - to make science available to everyone, and something that can benefit us and our communities.


More people, doing more science, solving more problems. That has to be good.


ATOM 2019 begins with five leading scientists, engineers and educators taking up our "Three Million Dollar Challenge" - solving the big challenge of how to get more people into science and technology. We'll be telling the world what they think during the event.


As well as showcasing inspiring speakers - including BBC science presenter and mathematician Dr Hannah Fry - this year sees a broader range of formats and events than ever before, and much of it free thanks to our sponsors and supporters: the Science Market, the Family Science Fair, the Discovery Dome, family shows, lectures, stand-up science comedy and film screenings. Working through the Abingdon Science Partnership your local school will also have been offered the chance to join in one of our competitions. We've got speakers on everything from dinosaurs to puffins, incredible construction projects to fusion energy. And on the fiftieth anniversary of the first Moon Landing, we've gathered together science fiction authors to imagine our future in space.


ATOM puts on diverse, imaginative and family-friendly events to allow our community to discover world-class science and technology taking place right here, as well as learning about the companies, organisations and scientists who make it happen. ATOM helps build science capital, partnering with schools to engage young people, and encouraging everyone to develop a passion for science and its potential to change the world.


Of course, we couldn't do any of this without the many sponsors, supporters and volunteers that make our inspiring and inclusive programme come alive.


And we couldn't do anything without you. We think science is definitely for you. So please - get inspired, come along, spread the word - and plug into the power of science on your doorstep!


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ATOM could not take place without the support of our major sponsors. For a full list of all sponsors and supporters click here.

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