Ben Jeapes:

Destination Moon (Again?): 50 Years after Apollo, how does Science Fiction imagine our future in space?


Description: Twelve humans (all men) have walked on an extraterrestrial body: four are still alive. Are we likely to see any more, of any gender, in our lifetimes? Will it be the Moon, or is Mars our next stop? Will it be to stay this time? What would be the motivation, and the challenges, and is there any point anyway?


In a special panel discussion, local Science Fiction author (and space aficionado) Ben Jeapes chairs a panel discussion with three science fiction authors. They will be analysing the legacy of #Apollo50, and predicting the future.


After all, what better way to get to the heart of our future in space than through individuals who have already explored space in the best way possible: in their imaginations.


Speaker Bio


Ben Jeapes (panel chair) was doomed to life as a science fiction author by an overdose of TV science fiction as a child. He took up writing in the mistaken belief that it would be quite easy (it isn’t) and save him from having to get a real job (it didn’t). Hence, as well as being the author of several novels and short stories, he is also an experienced technical writer, journal editor, book publisher and ghostwriter. His novels to date include 'His Majesty’s Starship', 'The Xenocide Mission', 'Time’s Chariot', 'The New World Order' and 'Phoenicia’s Worlds' (which imagines a future where humans have started to colonise planets around nearby stars). ' 'The Comeback of the King'  is his latest book for young adults readers in the Ted Gorse adventure series. His short story collection 'Jeapes Japes' is available from Wizard’s Tower Press.


Tuesday 19th March at Our Ladys Abingdon

...Talk begins at 19:00, Tickets £5

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