ATOM Festival 2018 event: daytime talk

Saturday 17th March 2018

The Bessemer Society

Spinning out Science for Business Success: a Round-Table Discussion on the Risks and Rewards of Commercialising Science

Taking cutting-edge scientific research and commercialising it can lead to massive value creation and the emergence of game-changing companies - and even new industries. But there are significant challenges - financial, scientific, human - in doing this in Oxford and the Science Vale. In this round-table discussion, chaired by The Bessemer Society, three science and technology spin-off companies share the ups and downs of science commercialisation: what are the risks, where are the rewards, and how might science allow British companies to play for the biggest stakes on the world technology stage?

Saturday 17th March 2018 at 11am in the Charles Maude Room, Abingdon School



The Bessemer Society is a forum and mutual society formed of 'serial' CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating successful new companies based on technological innovation in the fields of science and technology. Named after the nineteenth century steel inventor and entrepreneur Sir Henry Bessemer it aims to encourage his blend of technical, creative and entrepreneurial skills that are the catalyst for founding any progressive and lasting enterprise.



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