Friday 16th March 2018


Double Bill: 

An Evening on the Final Frontier

Two talks from leading scientists exploring the outer reaches of our understanding of space

Professor Frank Close and Professor Chris Lintott



Friday 16th March 2018 at 6:30pm at The Amey Theatre, Abingdon School

6:30pm "Nothing"                                                    

Professor Frank Close

If you take away the Earth, Moon, stars - what remains? The concept of the void has alarmed and fascinated humans from the dawn of time. The talk chases "Nothing" from the philosophical speculations of early civilisations to the cutting edge of modern science, quantum mystery, the Higgs field and the origin of the universe. How can you get something out of nothing?


Professor of Physics at Oxford University and former Head of Communications and Public Education at CERN, Frank Close won the Royal Society's Michael Faraday Prize for Excellence in Science Communication in 2013. He is the author of several popular science books, including "Nothing"

8:00pm "I want to Believe: an Astronomer's Search for Aliens"                         

Professor Chris Lintott

Astronomers have discovered that the Universe is full of potential homes for life, with planets around the vast majority of stars, yet the skies remain disappointingly free of swooping starships, visiting aliens or radio signals from space. Chris Lintott looks at the evidence for life in the Universe, explains how you can help and tries to argue that the truth is out there somewhere.

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