ATOM Festival Event:

Wednesday 22nd March 2017


Innovation Double Bill:

Locally based companies, Tokamak Energy and Reaction Engines present cutting-edge research and development.



Wednesday 22nd March 2017 at 7pm at Our Lady's Abingdon


Dr Alan Costley of Tokamak Energy

Faster Fusion: Fact or Fantasy?                                                     

Fusion power – the power source that drives the sun and all the stars – has the potential to solve all our energy needs for thousands of years with minimal environmental impact. Thousands of scientists and engineers in many countries are working to realise it and in the process are building and using extraordinary machines that achieve conditions which stretch the imagination to the limit - temperatures of 100 million degrees for example.  Until recently it seemed that experimental fusion devices had to be large and expensive and, in consequence, take decades to construct and exploit, but recent physics and technological developments are opening novel approaches to fusion power and these are being actively pursued, in some cases by private companies.  The alternative approaches promise a faster route to fusion power but are they feasible and will they work?  In “Faster Fusion: Fact or Fantasy?” we explore the answers.



James Barth of Reaction Engines

The SABRE Project: Cutting the Barriers to Low-Cost Space Access

From telecommunications to GPS systems, space-based systems are a part of our everyday lives. Despite the importance of space access to provide and maintain these services, more than six decades after humanity first went to space the launches that put people and resources into space have remained infrequent, expensive, and high-risk. Many attempts have been made to develop a system that could move humanity forward into a new ‘golden age’ of space flight, but until recently these systems have all run up against technical challenges that were impossible to overcome. However, the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE) offers an enticing path toward realizing that goal. A combined cycle engine that uses world-leading heat exchanger technology, SABRE could finally achieve the goal of a truly reusable space plane that could reduce launch costs dramatically. Join us to learn about the science and engineering that goes into SABRE, and how it could be used to change the world.



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