Saturday 17th March 2018

Professor Brian Rogers

Seeing and Believing

Is what we see affected by what we believe, what we know and what we think?  Does the world look the same to me as it does to you?  How do other animals see the world?  Why are we fooled into seeing smooth, continuous movement on a TV or cinema screen when there is only a series of stationary images?  How is it that we can be looking directly at something but fail to see it?  These and other similar questions have intrigued philosophers and psychologists for thousands of years but it is only now that we are beginning to find the answers.

Saturday 17th March 2018 at 17:00pm at the Amey Theatre, Abingdon School


Brian Rogers is Emeritus Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, Emeritus Fellow of Pembroke College and Professor of Psychology at St Petersburg University.  He completed his B.Sc and Ph.D. degrees at Bristol University before taking up a lectureship at St Andrews University.  He moved to Oxford in 1984 where he has been a lecturer, tutor and researcher in the Department of Experimental Psychology.  His research has looked at 3-D vision, illusions, motion perception and the visual control of action.  He has written many papers and co-authored several books with Ian Howard including “Binocular Vision and Stereopsis” and “Perceiving in Depth”.  His latest book, “Perception: A Very Short Introduction” has just been published by Oxford University Press.


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