Credit: Tycho Nilssen

Dr Annette Fayet

The Mysterious Adventures of Puffins at Sea


Each summer millions of puffins disappear at sea from the North Atlantic coasts after breeding, only to return the following spring. Where do they go? What do they do? By using the latest miniature tracking technology to follow their journeys, Dr Annette Fayet aims to discover more about the mysterious lives of puffins at sea, with the ultimate objective to understand why this charismatic bird, once one of the most common seabirds in the North Atlantic, is now becoming an endangered species.






Saturday 23rd March 2019 at Amey Theatre

...Talk begins at 14:30, Tickets £5

Credit: David Silverman

Speaker Bio


Annette Fayet is a seabird biologist. She grew up in France where she studied Physics, Chemistry and Engineering before deciding to focus on biology. She left France in 2009 to do a MSc and then a DPhil at the University of Oxford. She now holds a Junior Research Fellowship at Queen’s College and a member of the Department of Zoology.


Her research helps improve our understanding of seabirds' life at sea and helps inform conservation measures to protect them, e.g. by identifying areas of the ocean which are especially important to their survival and need to be protected.



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