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ATOM: What's In A Name?


The first ATOM took place seven years ago, but where did the name come from? Professor Frank Close - one of the founders of the ATOM Festival, and still part of the organising team - provides some insight into how the name came about... [read more]

ATOM: How It All Began


How did Abingdon come to be the location for the ATOM Science Festival? Well, it's a combination of its location within the 'golden triangle' of Culham, Harwell and Oxford - but it got its start from a surprising source. ATOM Festival Honarary President James White looks back at the founding of the Festival in 2014... [read more]

ATOM, COVID-19 and Public Health


Announcement of the cancellation of ATOM 2020 - and some of the science behind COVID-19... [read more]

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