Why did the Hedgehog Cross the Road?


Of the many threats that face hedgehogs the most important is the fragmentation of their habitat - and of the many threats that they face, this is the one about which many of us can take action.
Make a hole in your fence, just 13cm across, and talk to your neighbours - make a Hedgehog Street! Better still, ensure all new developments come with hedgehog highways as standard.
Hugh Warwick is on a mission to save the hedgehog,. Come along to an inspiring talk about these miraculous and beautiful icons of British wildlife, and discover the simple things you can do to help save them!

Wednesday 8 June 2022, 7.30pm

Doors open 7pm

Unicorn Theatre, Abbey Buildings, Abingdon

Tickets £5/£2.50

About this speaker


Hugh Warwick started studying hedgehogs over 30 years ago, has just finished his third book on them and is the spokesperson for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Hugh has campaigned tirelessly for hedgehog highways, and his latest campaign - a petition that has so far received over 625,000 signatures - recently caused one of the UK's largest house developers in the country to go the full hog!


"The first of three books (so far!) about hedgehogs was, A Prickly Affair, and this remains unique for having accolades from both Jeanette Winterson and Ann Widdecombe on the cover. The second hedgehog book was called ... Hedgehog, published in April 2014 by Reaktion Books. It is a monograph on the iconography of the hedgehog - niche, yes, but also full of fun and beautiful illustrations. Most recently, September 2020, The Hedgehog Book - published by Graffeg. This looks at the hedgehog from both the scientific and the less scientific points of view - illustrated with oodles of gorgeous photographs.

The Beauty in the Beast was published in May 2012 and was more fun than is reasonable as I travelled the country looking for people a bit like me.  And in May 2017 Linescapes was launched into the world - Remapping and Reconnecting Britain's Fragmented Wildlife."

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