How Do We Know What That Is Made Of? An Introduction to Spectroscopy


For thousands of years chemists have been making compounds and chemicals, astrophysicists have been studying stars, planets and nebulas, and physicians and pharmacists have been purifying and synthesizing drugs and medicines. But how do we actually know what these things are made from? We can do chemical tests if we can actually touch it and take the sample to the laboratory, but for things that are too dangerous, far away or difficult to handle this isn’t possible. The answer is spectroscopy! This talk will explain what spectroscopy is and how it works, as well as interesting examples and anecdotes from history and the modern day – including examples of what you can do at home!
Dr Jonathon Speed is a Product and Applications Manager for Keit Spectrometers, based on the Harwell Campus. His expertise is in the fields of spectroscopy and multivariate analysis (also called chemometrics). He spends most of his time helping the manufacturing and production industries use advance analytical technologies like spectrometers to analyse their processes and use the results to improve efficiency, quality and safety. As a technical expert within Keit, Dr Speed spends a lot of time talking at conferences and visiting customer sites, learning an awful lot about a huge range of industries such as edible oil processing, alumina refining, pulp and paper product and biofuels – all in the name of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, or “Industry 4.0”!

Friday 3 June 2022, 4:00pm

Doors open 3:30pm

Roysse Room, Guildhall, Abingdon

Tickets £5/£2.50

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