The Schools Clean Air Monitoring Project in Abingdon (SCAMPA)


Ten local primary and secondary schools have carried out long term monitoring of local air quality indicators over the past two years, including nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM). At this exhibition, the school teams will explain the sources and effects of these pollutants; present the results of measuring them at their school sites and ask visitors for their ideas of how to reduce levels locally. Their findings indicate a clear link with higher levels of NO2 near busy roads as well as interesting atmospheric effects that increase concentrations of PM at ground level overnight.


The project has been coordinated by the Abingdon Science Partnership at Abingdon School and the exhibition is being run in association with the ATOM Festival of Science and Technology. The project was funded with a Schools Outreach Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry as well as a grant from DPD Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Fund. Technical advice was provided by members of the Education Committee of the Royal Meteorological Society.


Tuesday 14 June to Friday 17 June 2022,

Kempster Room, Abingdon County Hall Museum

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