Events Programme 2020

The $3m Transport Challenge: how do we keep Oxfordshire moving in the 21st century?


One hour, five participants - each with $3 million to spend on fixing Oxfordshire's Transport problems. But just how easy is it to fix something as complex and fundamental as the way society gets around?


In the face of the Climate Emergency, air quality, congestion, urban dwelling and an ageing population, how can we keep Oxfordshire moving?


Tickets are free - but you must book!


Friday, February 28 @ 7.30pm
The Amey Theatre, Abingdon School


ATOM Double Bill: Helen Czerski and Richard Wiseman


Headlining #ATOM2020 are two of our most celebrated communicators and popularisers of science in the UK.


Helen Czerski is a physicist, oceanographer and presenter of the BBC series 'From Ice to Fire'.


Richard Wiseman is a professor of science communication, magician, experimental psychologist
and bestselling science author.


Friday, March 20 @ 7pm

The Amey Theatre, Abingdon School

VIP Debate: What will YOU do to solve the Climate Emergency?


In front of invited VIP guests from science, engineering, politics and education - as well as young people and climate experts - Professor Liz Bently, CEO of the Royal Meteorological Society - chairs a Question Time-style debate with a panel of experts from organisations proposing concrete and immediate action to respond to the climate emergency facing our planet.


Wednesday, March 18
The Yolande Patterson Hall, St Helen & St Katherine School
VIP Reception: 7.15pm, Event Begins 8pm, Tickets £TBC


ATOM Festival Science Market


Free hands-on science in the open air! Come along to Abingdon's historic Market Place to meet real scientists offering have-a-go science activities for all the family for FREE!


Booking not necessary - just come along!


Saturday, March 14 @ 10am - 3pm in Abingdon's Market Place

Through Two Doors At Once


Anil Ananthaswamy discusses the story of the double-slit experiment, the experiment that Richard Feynman said "contains the central mystery" of the quantum world. It's also the story of the mysteries and paradoxes of quantum mechanics. Listen and be amazed at just how far physicists have pushed this experiment, and how it still continues to confound and challenge our intuitions about the nature of reality.


Saturday, March 14 @ 2pm - The Guildhall, Abingdon
Ticket price TBC

Stand-up Science Comedy Storytelling


One of the biggest hits from #ATOM19, we will again gather some of the funniest scientists in the land for an evening of hilarious tales from the world of science.


From astrophysics to zoology, there’s nothing these people can’t make comical, so fasten your seatbelts, expect the unexpected, and welcome to the world of stand-up science.


Saturday, March 14 @ 8pm (doors open 7.30pm)

Venue TBC, 16+ only

Every Breath You Take: A user's guide to the atmosphere


We live with it, we breathe it - but how much do we *really* know about the the air we breathe?


Air quality specialist (and full-time breather) Dr Mark Broomfield appears at ATOM 2020 with an engaging (and surprising) presentation about the air that we all have to breathe, whether we like it or not.


Saturday, March 21 @ 11am - The Amey Theatre
Ticket price TBC

Why Small is Beautiful: nanotechnology and the next scientific revolution


Dr Annela Seddon explores nanoscience and nanotechnology – the science of objects on the billionth of a meter scale. Discover a hidden world of colour, giraffes and dancing particles and learn how we can see things not much bigger than an atom. Learn how some of the biggest problems facing the planet could be solved with some innovative, and tiny, solutions.


Saturday, March 21 @ 12.30pm - The Amey Theatre
Ticket price TBC

Family Science Fair

...followed by The Colour of Chemistry Show from 3pm-3.45pm


Bring the whole family to floors of fun-filled, hands-on science activities at the Yang Science Centre at Abingdon School. It's one of the biggest hands-on science days in Oxfordshire and it is FREE!


Sunday, March 22 @ 11am - 3pm - Yang Science Centre
followed by The Colour of Chemistry Show, Amey Theatre

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