Going South, Abingdon!

The ATOM Festival, in conjunction with Caldecott School and Thameside Primary School Abingdon - and with the generous support of the Antarctic Heritage Trust - are Going South, Abingdon!


A day of adventure and exploration as pupils take part in a range of activities, culiminating in the the Antarctic Explorer's Market in the school playground for pupils to show families the outcomes of their activities.


We will be joined during the day by polar explorer Al Sylvester MBE! Learn more about this inspirational speaker and pioneer here.


Year Groups will engage in specific tasks throughout the day, including: 

Submersibles and ocean grabbers


Polar Research Ships


Acid in the Oceans


Antarctic Animal Adaptations


The Southern Ocean - Heating and Cooling


The Southern Ocean - Sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets


Why is Antactrica Cold?


Living in Antarctica - Tents and Clothing


There will be Antarctic


Come and meet Olivier the Antarctic Chef!


From 2pm to 4pm, the Antarctic Explorer's Market will take place in the Caldecott Primary School playground, to display the outcomes of the children's activities for the entire day - including demonstrations of Antarctic Science and science shows.


And then everyone is invited to join Olivier the Antarctic Chef for a talk, show and demonstration at 3.30pm! 



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