Achievements of ATOM Festival

Sponsors and funders want to know that when they support ATOM Festival, they are contributing to outcomes that really make a difference. On this page we provide the data and analysis to show that ATOM Festival really delivers!


Young people entering our Family Science Day were asked to write down a word that came to mind when Science was mentioned. They were asked again as they exited the event. Word clouds show the increase in positive attitudes towards science that our event raised in the young people who attended.

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Our speakers were given a huge thumbs-up by our audiences. Our feedback surveys taken as the audiences left the venues showed that overwhelmingly the speakers were considered to be experts in their field yet also able to pitch the level just right for the audience. We asked for marks on a scale of 1-5 and most speakers got straight 5s. Some  enthusiastic form-fillers even scribbled an extra box on the form to award their speaker a six!    

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