the Schools Clean Air Monitoring Project in Abingdon

Welcome to the SCAMPA competition page as part of #ATOM2021


Thirteen primary and secondary schools in the area are taking part. 


The SCAMPA Competition for Schools is sponsored by the ATOM Festival of Science and Technology and the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford.


Click on the map to see which schools are taking part - and where.


SCAMPA school teams have been making regular air quality measurements and weather observations since September 2020.



The SCAMPA schools are engaging their pupils in an original piece of scientific research, developing their scientific enquiry skills and engaging their communities in local, environmental issues.

The project is funded by a Schools Outreach Grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry and supported by the Abingdon Science Partnership, the Royal Meteorological Society and individual scientists from the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Environmental Chemistry Group; the University of Chile; the Cranfield Institute and Apertum Ltd of Harwell.


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