Investigating lichens survey

  • Another way to find out about air pollution is to look at lichens. These grow very slowly on trees, walls and other places. The photograph shows some lichens.
  • The amounts and types of lichens can help you to tell how much air pollution there is, so you could investigate this around your home if you have a garden or safe outside space, or at your school or on a walk.
  • There is guide on how to do a lichen survey here. You will probably need help from an adult if you choose this survey.
  • The Natural History Museum has an online lichen identification guide here.
  • In your project poster or leaflet we’d like to read about what you decided to do, why you thought it would be interesting, how you did your survey and what you found out. We’d like to see some drawings or photographs of the types of lichens you found and where they were. Tell us if you think the types of lichens changed away from roads or places where air pollution could be coming from. Tell us if there were places you found with no lichens and what this could tell you about air pollution.

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