Project 2 Nitrogen Dioxide Investigator

Setting up a diffusion tube to measure nitrogen dioxide at a SCAMPA school

You can find the nitrogen dioxide measurements for all the SCAMPA schools here - just click on a pin to see the results for each month.

Here are some ideas and questions to investigate if you choose this project – you don’t have to do all of them and you could decide on your own questions:


  • What IS nitrogen dioxide and where does it come from?
  • What is a diffusion tube and how does it detect nitrogen dioxide?
  • How have the measurements changed at your school each month?
  • Are there similar or different changes at other SCAMPA schools?
  • Can you make graphs or charts to show the patterns?
  • Can you explain any of the patterns between months or between schools?
  • Can you explain any patterns in nitrogen dioxide measurements by using the weather data collected at your school?

You can find out more about nitrogen dioxide in the extra information sheet


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