Getting to Abingdon - making it sustainable

We launched the ATOM Sustainable Transport Initiative in 2020, encouraging everyone to find alternatives to their car when taking part in ATOM Festival events.


This can be a tough challenge - so this page is here to help.


Scroll down to see specific advice on getting to Abingdon. Each venue has location and travel options, with options for walking, cycling, bus, train, taxi and - if there really is no alternative - driving options.

Almost all of the ATOM venues are either in the town centre, or within walking distance of the Abingdon Market Square.


The nearest major rail stations are Oxford (if approaching from the North) and Didcot Parkway (if coming from London and the South). The nearest station to Abingdon itself is Radley Station.

Oxford Bus Station is in Gloucester Green, Oxford (catch the
Oxford Tube to get here from London - the X90 bus service now no longer operates).


From Oxford:

From Oxford there is no direct bus service from the railway station itself, but there are a number of options either from St Aldates (next to the Town Hall). Your options are:


From Oxford Railway Station:


  • Catch Bus 1, 5 or 280 Sapphire from Stop R2
  • Travel 3 stops to the Speedwell Street stop (S2) and cross the road to the Police Station Stop (P1) 
  • From here, catch the X2 Connector (to Wallingford), X3/X13 ( to Abingdon) or S8 Gold (to Wantage). All of these buses stop in Abingdon.


From St Aldates:



A bus takes about 30 minutes and should cost about £5 return for adults. In Abingdon get off the bus at Stratton Way or the High Street in the town centre and use the map above to find your way to the venues. It is a short walk from the bus stop to Abingdon town centre, with other venues a 5-15 minute walk.


From Didcot:


From Didcot, a taxi takes about 20-25 minutes (longer in heavy traffic) and should cost around £20. The X2 Connector Bus travels from Didcot Parkway to Abingdon's town centre Stratton Way bus stops, and takes 35-40 minutes. Again, it's a short walk to Abingdon town centre.


From Radley:


About a 3 minute walk from Radley Station, catch the number 35 bus to Abingdon Town Centre - takes about 12 minutes.


By bike:


Abingdon Town Centre maintains this excellent resource for those wishing to travel to the town by bike.


Other options:


Traveline offers reliable planning, guidance and information on all public transport throughout the United Kingdom and in some parts of Europe. The website (and app) allow you to see all stages of a journey including length of walks between transport services and your destination.


The 15 Bus travels from Witney to Abingdon.


For specific transport and driving directions, see the individual directions on each of the venue pages.

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